Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

Babies here, babies there, babies everywhere! In the past month I have been to three baby showers! I love making gifts for babies and have had a blast coming up with presents for all these new people coming into our lives!

Each baby gets a giant granny square blanket made with a different yarn. For this one I used multicolored yarn with an edging done in a sparkly pink. I love that the edge looks like a delicate ruffled lace edge.

I'm relatively new to crochet, typically more of a knitter so I used a great pattern called How to Crochet a Granny Square. It goes step by step and is perfect for newbies.

I also made each sweet girl a "necklace onesie". These onesies are all over Pinterest and are a cute way to personalize the clothing item that babies will wear the most the first few months. I created the necklace using the eraser of a pencil dipped in fabric paint. I then attached a felt rosette using a snap so that the mommies can take it off to wash the onesie.


And lastly I put everything in a cute basket and wrap it up with some cellophane. I love the presentation and know one can never have too many baskets to organize tiny things in the nursery. Sometimes I get wicker baskets with liners and have the liners monogrammed, it depends on what I find and the decor in the nursery. 

I also like to bring the baby and mom a gift once they get home. Along with the usual flowers and food I like to bring something that is personalized. Last week I decided to try my hand at some subway art for the nursery and made this for my friend who had a beautiful daughter. I created the "tags" in photo shop and then arranged them on a canvas using mod podge. I love the way it looks except I think next time I'll cut out the words using my Cricut and I'll paint them on to the canvas. I don't like the choppy look of the words on the canvas. I still love the idea and I'm thinking about making one for each of my kids even though they are not babies anymore.