Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Tote

In the midst of the holiday madness I managed to make this for myself. I called it a project tote because I made it with my new hobby in mind: crochet! I looked through various patterns and tutorials and came up with this design. It was such a combination of ideas that I don't know if I'd be able to exactly copy it even if I wanted to. But what's important is that I love it!

I used two fat quarters and since I had enough I decided to add some pockets to hold my phone and other small items like my crochet needles or credit cards.

I made the handles short as I wanted more of a tote look than a bag. I used very stiff (???) interfacing so that it would stand up on it's own. I like to place it next to me or on the floor while I crochet.

Here it is in action! Love it!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Initial Applique Onesie

Another initial onesie is on it's way to a sweet new baby that recently joined us. This one is hand-appliqued and I decided to add a little bow. I love the feminine touch that it adds!

These onesies along with a fruity hat make the perfect gift for a newborn. Speaking of fruity hats, I'm busy working on a set for a good cause. Check it out here. Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Child Washcloth Apron

Happy New Year!

We just got back from spending the holidays with our family in Spain and I am so excited to get back in the crafting saddle again. A lot happened in the past month and I can't wait to show some of the fun stuff I created. Before we get to that, I wanted to post the tutorial for my children's washcloth aprons which were a hit with all the kids.

These aprons are easy enough that you could whip up a couple in an afternoon. Let's get started!

These aprons are a great idea for any kid who got a play kitchen for Christmas, or maybe just for those who like to help out in the kitchen. They are easy and fast to make!

You will need a washcloth (mine measure 12x12 and come in a pack of 9), felt cut outs, ric rac, some matching buttons and thread.

First step is to decide what decorations you want and trace them on to your felt. In this case I did flowers, but you can do anything. Keep it simple as to not overwhelm the apron since it's small.

Then add some detailing to the felt cut outs. I like to use buttons as I think they give a great dimension. I did car shapes for my son's apron and used the buttons as the tires!

Attach the shapes to the washcloth using a coordinating thread that will make them stand out a little. I like to place the shapes in a corner as I think they look cuter that way.

Carefully pin the ric rac around the washcloth. I am a relatively new sewer and still require a LOT of pins. I find ric rac tricky, so I take my time pinning and sewing it on.

Because this is a fast and easy project, we will use ribbon for the tie. My whole design is actually based on this orange ribbon with white/yellow daisies. I picked the ric rac and felt flowers based on those colors. Pin the ribbon on the top edge making sure to leave enough on each side so that it can be used to go around the child's waste to tie on the apron.

Carefully sew the ribbon on the top and you are done! The possibilities for these aprons are endless, this tutorial just shows you the method. Using the washcloth makes it a fast project because you don't have to cut or hem and can just have fun embellishing. Can you tell that's my favorite part? Please link back if you make one of these, I'd love to see!

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