Thursday, January 12, 2012

BlogHer Book Club: Why Women Need Fat

Why Women Need Fat is a book written by a former assistant surgeon general and an anthropologist that will change how you look at food for the rest of your life. Their theory is that we have it all wrong and that in fact the things we are doing to lose weight are increasing the number on the scale. The authors compare populations across the world and realize that the US has implemented a lot of changes based on faulty research and the obesity rate has increased. On the other hand other countries have left their nutrition untouched and their populations are stable with no obesity epidemic.

The authors identify the need for healthy facts for organ systems to function including the brain. This is not a new idea but they chose to present it in a different, more effective, manner. They then go into detail about where the excess weight goes and why that is the case. And lastly they give us the tools necessary to each reach our healthy weight by eating like our ancestors.

The last part of the book goes through a detailed list of food groups and explains how each should be approached. There are several things that are surprising such as the fact that butter is healthier than margarine. Perhaps the most important thing to note in this section is the need to decrease Omega-6 and increase Omega-3. Several tips are provided regarding how to achieve this so that the readers don’t feel lost. The rest of the tips are more common and include a lot of natural, un-processed foods.

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