Thursday, December 1, 2011

BlogHer Book Club: The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of Dreams is an insightful book that takes a look at the history of a family. Kim Edwards, the author of “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’, takes us on a journey as the protagonist learns about her roots. Lucy takes an unexpected trip back home when her mom hurts herself and soon dives into learning more about where she came from. While initially it seems like the objects found are just interesting, soon Lucy discovers that they are the key to a very dark secret that will change her family forever.

The scenarios covered in the book hit close to home for me as my mother passed away in May. I know what it’s like to return to your childhood home after losing a parent. Lucy is faced with some difficult changes as upon her return she notices that her mother is well on her way to moving on with her life after her husband’s death. That transition is not so easy for Lucy as she hasn’t been home since her father passed away. Her mother is thinking about selling the family home which is unheard of to her. As Lucy starts to uncovered objects and facts found she learns things about her family that no one else knew about. She realizes that women have always been strong in her family and realizes that while she is in a difficult time in her life, she is dealing with her issues much like her ancestors would have done. As the story unravels we get to know Lucy and in a way take part in her story. This is a beautiful tale!

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