Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainbow Gingham Bunting ~ Banner

How cool is that banner? I won it in a contest Cheryl from a pretty cool life held a while back. She was kind enough to let me pick the color and I went with a "rainbow" theme. She sells them in her etsy store if you are interested, or you can check out the tutorial she kindly posted on her blog.

The rainbow theme was a must since it would match any party but then my daughter saw it and kindly requested it go in her room. So that's where it shall stay until the next time we have to decorate for a party downstairs.

As you can see, the light wasn't perfect for picture taking but I love the way all the different gingham looks when put together in these sweet little flags.

Thanks again Cheryl, you rock!


Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Looks awesome! Enjoy! :)

Megan said...

Lucky you! I'm a huge fan of gingham and then the fact that it's a bunting makes the whole thing so adorable!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

this is adorable!