Monday, August 15, 2011

Mailbox Moments Mondays - Week #2

I'm participating in a link party hosted by Mailbox Moments. Every Monday for four weeks they will provide a prompt to inspire bloggers to share how they keep in touch with others. The prompt for this week was: Write someone a back-to-school letter wishing them good luck. Give them some advice and well wishes.

I decided to write a letter to my daughter who is starting Kindergarten next week. This morning as we entered her new new school for some testing I got very emotional thinking that in a short week she will be a student there. I don't even need to close my eyes to imagine her as a tiny newborn swaddled in her cradle next to my bed, and now she's starting Kindergarten. *sniff*

I wrote her a letter telling her how I feel about this moment, and also letting her know how proud I am of the little girl she is today. Amongst many things I told her that I hope she will always continue to love learning and that I hope she never stops asking questions about the world around her. I put the letter inside her new "School Years" scrapbook that appropriately arrived today. Thanks for reading, I'm off to grab another tissue.

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Lesa said...

Pati - Thank you so much for participating. I enjoyed reading about your letter to your daughter. Kindergarten is such a sweet, wonderful time. Good luck to you and your daughter. Now I'm off to get a kleenex. :)

Lesa @
Mailbox Moments