Saturday, February 13, 2010

Felty iPod Cover

My husband finally got an iPod this past Christmas and he has been carrying it around in his pocket. Since I knew he would never go out to get a cover for it, I decided to make him one. I was inspired by this Cozy by Caz Crafts since I had all the materials. It was easy to whip it up while the kids napped.

I didn't have any fancy items to make the hole at the bottom, so I simply used my very sharp fabric scissors. I used them to make the button hole as well. The only thing I did different than the tutorial was I drew a line with my handy little Vanishing Fabric Marker. I then simply lay the decorative ribbon on top of that and didn't have to rely so heavily on the pins to hold it down. This helped because I had to manually feed the felt through as it was thick.

This was very fun to make and I'm thinking of making another one using fabric and perhaps a hair band for the closure! I'll be sure to post if I figure out a pattern for that!

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Erika said...

Really, really, really cute!! How you manage to come up with these ideas is just brilliant to me. Perhaps I'm a little ... jealous. (See how I tie our blogs together??)