Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Matchy-Matchy Tank

Flannel PJ bottoms are one of my favorite things to make for my kids. My daughter tends to wear them under her princess nightgowns. However, it's been cooler than normal lately so I decided to pick up some tank tops so that she could layer at night. She is a girlie-girl to the bone, so I had to spice them up a bit. The ingredients include the usual suspects...

The first step was to print out a heart (I love Google images) to use as a template for the fabric and Wonder Under. I cut outside the line so that I could use that as my sewing guide and have some fraying. I then secured the heart on to the tank top by ironing it.

I used invisible thread and did a straight stitch right on the line. I then took my sharp scissors and snipped around to create the fraying. This part has stuck to the fabric due to the Wonder Under, so I used the scissors to peel it up a bit as I went around.

I then washed the garment and not only did the purple line disappear, but the fraying occurred. Next time I want more fraying, so I'll probably leave more like half an inch around the template line.

My daughter was thrilled with the tank and I was glad to have her warm at night. Bonus was that it was made with a remnant- woot!

I just scored some pretty cool fabric at the store the other day, so I'll do a post about making PJ bottoms next week.

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Tonia said...

That's way cute! I have a love hate relationship with my sewing machine. I would love to learn more though.

Kim@Simply Domestic said...

How cute!! I've wanted to do something like this to my daughter's shirts. Thanks for sharing.