Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Egg Suncatchers

This is a perfect project for a rainy day!

Gather up your supplies: broken-up crayons, wax paper, pencil sharpener or cheese grater, kid scissors, cookie cuter and a pencil. Draw whatever shape you want the sun catchers to be on some wax paper.

We opted to use the cheese grater but you could also use a pencil sharpener... my kids loved the way the shavings looked like a rainbow.

Place the shavings on top of the pictures you drew earlier. Then place another piece of wax paper on top of the shavings and iron them using low heat. There are no pictures of this because I did it during nap time due to safety concerns.

When the kids woke up they cut out the Easter egg shapes and we used some paper clips and yarn to hang them. My daughter didn't like the way the colors blended so we decided to make some with just a single color which we liked much better. You can see those taped to the windows, we decided to make them bigger. Next time we will stick to one color per shape.

We can't wait to see how these look hanging by the window on a sunny day!

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Lisa said...

Great idea and I have everything for this:) Thanks for posting, the kids will enjoy this!

Julie said...

Great idea for the kiddos:) My kids would like this!

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

This is such a cute idea! Looks like a lot of fun!

Kaysi said...

That is so fun!

Christy said...

I remember making these when I was little (back in the olden days ;o)

Amanda said...

Aww so cute! Love how they turned out ;0)

Bobbie said...

That is super cute! I would love for you to join me over at a vision to remember for check me out saturdays

Sherry said...

That is a great idea for kids! I like to find uses for old crayons too. I have a huge bag of them. I have removed wrappers and I use them on leaf rubbings a lot.
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