Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Repurposed Garden Bag

About 5-6 years ago my husband gave me a beautiful garden bag for my birthday. You see, back then I had all the time in the world to garden. However, since our garden isn't very big, I never used the bag. Instead I opted to keep all my tools in a box right next to the vegetable garden. This bag has been in a closet since then... sadly waiting for a job.

Lately, as my sewing projects increase, so do the number of things I need to do them. Because I am a sahm, I don't always get to do my crafts in my "craft room". I needed something to transport my tools of the trade so that I could sneak in "crafting" moments as the kids allowed. Enter the garden bag... it is perfect!!! I love all the pockets because I can have everything organized and easy to find.

It is the perfect size to carry a couple of project/inspiration books along with my tools of the trade. I find that I am more efficient now since I spend less time looking for things and I am happy because I get to carry around a cute bag! The best part is that this cost me NOTHING and it decreased the clutter in my house- score!

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Amanda said...

That is so cute and fun!

Beverly said...

I've seen these at the store and thought they'd be great for crafts and scrapping. I am so far behind on my scrapping, that I didn't even buy one because I knew it would just sit there.

Brian and Cheryl B. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I hope you enjoy and benefit from your "home" file as much as I do mine!

I like what you are using this bag for! I can definetly see how convienent and all it would make things!

I bet your husband is happy to see that you are actually using a gift he gave you - and enjoying that you are enjoying it!

Cheryl B. -

Young Wife said...

Cute! What a great idea!

Denise Marie said...

I love that you are using it for that. I need to establish 1 of mine so I can bring it to the baseball field all spring season.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

GREAT idea! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week! Hope you have had a chance to enter the giveaway.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Kim said...

That is brilliant. I love it!!

Jen said...

I love repurposing things and that is a great idea! That bag was too cute to take outside in the dirt anyway.

Kim@Simply Domestic said...

Great idea!!! I'm glad I found your blog! Can't wait to take a look around!