Monday, March 1, 2010

Shamrock Potato Stamps

Although my undergraduate degree is in Business, I taught pre-school for a while after getting laid off from my consulting job right after 9/11. I liked teaching so much that I decided to get a masters in Teaching & Learning once I returned to the business world. I haven't formally gotten the chance to use my second degree although I feel like I use it as a stay at home mom on a daily basis. However, you do not need a Masters in Teaching and Learning for potato stamps.

Cut a potato in half and chose the shape you want for your stamp. In this case I printed off an shamrock and then carefully cut around with a knife.

Place the stamps on a disposable plate with some washable paint.

Instruct the kids to dip in the paint and stamp away.

My son (almost 2 yrs old) did well with the dipping part, but then did more of a drag than a stamp on the paper.

My daughter (4 yrs old) however did awesome with the stamping part.

For us this craft was more about the process than the product. We talked about the shape of the shamrock, the color green, etc. Just this morning my daughter asked if we could cut out the shamrocks and string them along some green yarn to decorate their kitchen. I think we'll do that tomorrow!

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Kimberly said...

Such a fun project! I love his version of stamping. :)

Diane {} said...

very creative! I'm following and look forward to seeing what you will blog next.

ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Super cute idea, we like it so much that we've featured it in an upcoming post on St. Patrick's Day lessons and activities on our blog ABC & 123. We snagged one of your pictures, credited, and direct linked back to you. If you'd prefer we remove it, please let us know. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

What a cute idea to use a potato...nice visual also!